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Do I need a global???

Question asked by Thicks on Mar 24, 2009
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Do I need a global???


In my current datatbase I have form letters designed to print. In order to make this happen I set employeesID# as a global and made scripts that placed each employee's name that I listed in the case (obtained friom the employeeID#) into the letter.




Employee ID = 12345


12345 = John Smith




Dear John Smith,


blah blah blah


However each employee has a six digit employee position number that tells me their managers name that I want to send a letter to. Right now when I have 2 employees with different managers it only prints a letter for the first employee position#.




John Smith = position# 654214


654214 = Manger (Kevin Jackson)


Henry Wilson = position# 444222


444222 = Manger (Kate Purue)


Do I need to make my position number a global field like I have the employeeID# or what can I do????