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Do I need a relationship, a script or both?

Question asked by martinpaulrice on Nov 4, 2009
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Do I need a relationship, a script or both?


I'm brand spanking new at FM and working on my first app which is to track my budget and expenses. I'm using FM Pro 10 on an Intel imac running OSX 10.6.1


My db has two tables: Budget and Transactions.

In the Budget table I have the following fields:

Account Name; Account Type; Budgeted Amount; Current Balance; Difference; Budget Month

In the Transactions table I have the following fields:

Date; Description; Comment; Check Number; Amount; From Account; From Account Type; To Account; To Account Type

What I want to do is increment or decrement the Budget::Current Balance field for given Accounts when I enter a transaction.

In other words, I'll enter a transaction, say for 15 dollars, from the Cash account to the Eating Out account. In the Budget table, I want the current balance for Cash decremented by 15 dollars and the current balance for Eating Out incremented by 15 dollars.

I guess I need to do this by a script, but I'm not sure. And if so, would I need to build some relationships between the two tables?

Currently, the tables are related as follows:
Budget::Account Name -> Transactions::From Account
Budget 2::Account Name -> Transactions::To Account


(I was able to do this relationship courtesy of help from here.)

I do this so that I can automatically enter From Account Type and To Account Type in the transactions table. I use these for various reports.

I hope I've made this clear. I'm not too sure about the terminology yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.