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Do leading grand summaries actually get processed this way???

Question asked by JonathanWexler on Apr 23, 2014
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Do leading grand summaries actually get processed this way???


This is actually a follow up to a different post of mine "Trying to be less stupid about why report runs slowly ...", where I think I have isolated the cause (but not the cure). 

My report has a leading grand summary, with a bunch of totals that represents a fair amount of processing.  The report - when it finishes after 45 minutes - is correct and shows the grand totals for the found set which is generally about 800 out of 40,000 records.  I believe that the layout - before executing any of the OnLoad script steps - is generating layers of totals for the 40,000 records (I base this on part by seeing - for a few seconds while the found set is being isolated via a script step - grand totals for the what would be 40,000 records). 

     Is this actually what Filemaker does (by way of contrast, I think MS Access or Crystal Reports "cheat" and only compute/format leading grand total after the full report has generated)?

     Can I fix this by moving the grand total layout piece to be a trailing one (or will it still stubbornly compute 40,000 sets of totals?  Any other workarounds that are not occurring to me?