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Do Many to Many link tables work in Portals?

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 22, 2010
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Do Many to Many link tables work in Portals?


I've been wrestling with a Portal for the last three days which isn't working properly. To begin with I thought it was because two of the fields were using Conditional Value Lists, but those fields work fine; it's the fields that come from the linking table in a Many to Many join that only show a single record of data, no matter how many are entered.

I've saved the FMPA11 file here:

The problem is in the FundTestCopy layout which is based on Table:dClients which contributes one field <dClients.Client Name> to the main screen. The Portal is based on Table:dFunds.

The first Portal field is <dFunds:FundCo> and uses a Popup menu based on Value List AllFundCos which looks up the data in Field <dAllFunds.FundCo> set to "Include All Values".

The second Portal Field is <dFunds.FundName> and uses a Popup menu based on Value List AllFundNames which looks up the data in <dAllFunds.FundNames> set to "Include only related values starting from - dFunds".

The third Portal Field is <rHoldings.Quantity> which is an Edit box.

The fourth Portal Field is <rHoldings.Value> which is an edit box.

The Conditional Value Lists work great, but the fields from rHoldings seem only to record one set of data. When you enter the data for the second record it changes the data in the first record to be the same as the second record. Enter a third set of data, and this data then becomes the data for all three records.

Where am I going wrong? This might be a more complicated construction than the one in the Knowledge Base, but ideally I'd like it more complex still, so that the Value field is a calculated field taking info from other tables yet to be added. I'd settle for this set up working first of all though...

I posted this first here:

but I realised that I was asking the wrong questions there (about Conditional Value Lists) when the problem was more likely a Portal/Relationship issue, hence this reposting.