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Do not allow overlapping times

Question asked by smithp on Jan 18, 2010
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Do not allow overlapping times


Need help figuring this out:


I am using FileMaker 10 running with Windows Vista.

I am a mental health therapist and I use FileMaker to keep my progress notes.

I create a new record for each note with the: Date, Start Time, and End Time


Here's the problem:

I want to make sure that the time recorded on one note (reocord) does not overlap the time recorded on another note for the same date. I would like to have the program give me an error message when/if I enter a time that overlaps with another note for that same date.


I am not using time stamping because of some other billing issues. Instead I choose the time for the Start Time and End Time from a drop down menu (from a list)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.