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Doc Management: Remove Watermark

Question asked by danielmarc on Oct 30, 2013


Doc Management: Remove Watermark



     I am currently working on a FileMaker document management solution and adding and removing watermarks is a requirement of the process. The documents are office documents mainly Word and Visio and will be kept in container fields within the solution. Right now the best i have come up with is a send event script with the CMD code:

     start winword FilePath /mmacroname

     This opens the word document and calls a macro that removes or adds a watermark and closes the file. This works OK for word but I have not been able to find a CMD equivalent for Visio that lets you call a macro. Furthermore, this solution will be hosted on FileMaker server so all users would have to have macros enabled. I am looking for another way of doing this or a plug in that could accomplish or help with the task. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.