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    dock in spaces issue



      dock in spaces issue


           On Mac os 10.8.2 using Filemaker Pro 12.0v3, in files from a LAN server using Filemaker Server 12...  When I open files (which have been converted from previous versions of FM to FM12) using a shortcut script file the FM icon in the dock fails to return me to the desktop where my files are open. I can create a new blank file on this computer and the icon returns me to the desktop where it is opened so it seems the issue could be either in the "open script shortcut file" or in the files themselves.  Could anyone please advise how to correct this issue.


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               I think it is the location of the files - opened through a networking port from the server - versus local file.

               The Apple Discussions may get you a quicker answer.  Possible kludge, open a blank local db file as well as the networked files.

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                 thanks for the input... just tried that->  it only works if the local file is the active file, otherwise does not work. Unfortunately with the users I have this will not work...  any other solutions would be appreciated