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    Document Control Management



      Document Control Management


      I'm new to FileMaker Pro and I 've heard you can use it for Document Control.  Has anyone used FileMaker for this purpose?

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          Howdy salejune,

          Welcome to the forum.


          The short answer to your question is "Yes, every single day".


          But document control needs vary greatly, what kind of doc control technique/system/arrangement do you have in mind?


          Keep in mind that FMP is a blank slate...you can build just about anything with it, but YOU have to build it.  It is not a pre-packaged document control program that you can start data entry into the day you unwrap the discs.  FMP is not "Iso compliance made easy" though there are some programs available for that limited purpose.


          What is it that you are looking for?  Doc control only, or a modifiable database that can grow wih you?

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            Basically, it will be for document control.  I've not had to inquire about anything like this before since I've usually worked in large companies where they had this already set up.  This is all new for me.  Our company will be growing and they've asked me to look into this. 


            So you're able to upload documents into FMP and have multiple people have an opportunity to review etc? 

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              salejune wrote:

              So you're able to upload documents into FMP and have multiple people have an opportunity to review etc? 

              Review, yes.  No problem.  That's a good use for Containor fields.

              Note that you'll likely use another program to view them through (FMP can store a reference to the file, but you'll want to open it in MSWord or other) which can be done easily by double-clicking the field in FMP.


              Track changes and status (Rev levels, pending approval, pending distribution, distributed, etc.), yes, certainly, provided you build that functionality into your Dbase.


              Cross referencing related documents: yes, if you build the Dbase well.


              Sign off on the document:  My company has rejected FMP for this aspect and chosen to pursue Adobe instead, primarily for the native digital signature capability.  You could likely build this into FMP, but we didn't think it was worth the effort when there's Adobe sitting on the shelf already.


              My guess is that we'll end up using Adobe for the review/sign and save as read-only and then FMP to make access to the docs easier.


              I think this answered your question...but I'm not sure.  What are your thoughts?

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                You can store either a physical copy of a file in a container or just the file path (reference) to a file located on a shared directory. Reviewers will be able to open the document by double-clicking or through clicking a button you script to open the file. You can then include fields that record each reviewer's approval the the document.


                If needed, other tables can be used for version control and to log the location of any physical hard copy if you need to track that as well.

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                     thank you.  I guess my next step is to familiarize myself with FileMaker Pro
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                       Thank you.  I'm just feel overwhelmed to some degree.  I guess once I get into FMP and see what it can offer I'll feel better.
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                      Howdy salejune,


                      If you're new to Dbase building in general, look into the Filemaker Training Series (FTS) on Filemaker Inc's website.  It does a good job at familiarizing you with the vocabulary and the basic functions you'll need.  It's a telephone book sized tome with lesson CD's to get you started quickly.


                      FMP also comes with some starter solutions (templates) to play around with.


                      If you're an old hand at Dbases, you might think about the FTS anyway just for the vocabulary.  The words change a little bit from system to system for the same functions.


                      Just a thought...

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                        Thank you Ninja.  I'll check into that.  You've been a great help.

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                             I used to be in Quality System Management in the medical device industry and I built my entire compliance program around FileMaker Pro. A centerpiece of it was document control. I also tied it into the training program. FileMaker is superb for this.
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                            Thank you for your input.  I guess what I need to do is just go through their training to see if this will indeed fit our needs.  It's just that I've never really built a database so I'm definitely wet behind the ears. 

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                                 There are also books on Filemaker you can acquire and read and there are forum such as this one where you can post questions when you get "stuck". Be aware, however, that you are looking at investing a significant amount of time to acquire the knowledge/skills needed in order to do this.
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                                There is a template included with FMP called Reference Notes.

                                You may find it worth investigating, and possibly using it as a starting point. 

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                                  thank you.  I'll check into this.

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                                    Can you indicate specifically where the Reference Notes template can be found? I would like to look into it, but I cannot seem to locate such a template in my install or on the CD.


                                    Thank you.




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