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    Document Drop Area



      Document Drop Area



      I'm relatively new to Filemaker. I've used it in the past for work and most recently I've been on Bento. I'm in the process of creating a custom layout to track Leads.

      I work in commercial and film production and I'd like to create an area within a Record to store storyboards, production specs, director treatments, etc. Kind of a hodgepodge of related production info. It's super easy in Bento, but I can't seem to figure it out in Filemaker. How best can I do this?



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          Use container fields to store documents and use Insert File to insert them into the container fields.

          Typically, you'd define a related documents table with one container field per record. Then a portal of such records can be used to list a fully flexible number of such related documents.

          Read up on container fields in FileMaker help and also resarch Insert File as these tools have different options you'll need to understand in order to fully implement your system.