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Document Library Q's

Question asked by retailmonica on Jun 23, 2010
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Document Library Q's


Ok so I have several calculation questions that are related and should in general involve the same answer.


I'm starting a document database.  The idea is that it should eliminate messy network drives, because this way there is information attached to the file rather than just looking at the file.  Therefore, I am hoping to KEEP the file in FM, rather than using references, because it won't be 10k files, and it will be easier in the end.




So I am using the starter solution that comes with FMP 11 to just get an idea of how I want to set this up.  I click the import button, get my file... and yet none of the file property fields fill in.  I want to have fields like file size, path, etc. fill in automatically.  I know it can be done, and I see the Get functions for FileSize, etc. but I don't understand how the syntax works.  All of the help docs I find (which in fact are not many) don't seem to address this for me.


Additionally, are there ways to parse other document properties such as pages, date created, modified, etc.?


If I could make a preview pane as well, that would be more than swell.


I really appreciate the help; thanks in advance,