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Document Management 'System'

Question asked by phillman5 on Nov 19, 2008
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Document Management 'System'


We are a young technical/manufacturing start up building one of a kind devices. Our first customer wants a document management system in place, not really a bad idea because all the documents they want. Is there a 3rd party solution already using Filemaker Pro? We have looked at myDMS and its a little more unfriendly/higher learning curve than we'd like. ( I used FM Pro 10+ years ago to make a fairly nice database for my Cub Scout pack pop corn sales so I am familiar with it.) I see FM Pro 7 on up can keep file links/paths in the container field, this should make a simple document tracking system fairly easy. This document tracking database should be something like a version control system for software. It should keep track of documents required, produced and perform version control (i.e let only one copy out at a time for editing, etc.) and track all sorts of files.