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Document management and hyperlinks

Question asked by OwlRidge on Nov 26, 2013
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Document management and hyperlinks


     Hi all,

     I am trying to decide whether filemaker Pro is the right solution for our company.  I am trying to create what is essentially a document library that can be shared with clients.  

     Currently we use Excel.  We place all the pdfs in a folder and then create an Excel spreadsheet with info about the documents and hyperlinks to the pdf.  We then save all of it to a cd and provide it to the client.

     Given that we have several clients I was hoping to create 1 database in which employees can access to save documents that they receive from all clients.

     I want filemaker to know that when client 1 is selected in the form that the pdf is sent to folder 1 and when client 2 is selected the pdf is saved to folder 2 etc (for many clients).

     I then want to be able to share with a client only their info.

     I want the clients to be able to click the file name and automatically open the related pdf.

     Can filemaker do this?  How?  Please keep in mind that I am a biologist not a computer programmer.

     Thank you for your help.