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Document Management of textbooks, mixing and matching

Question asked by RichardRitterIII on Jun 12, 2013
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Document Management of textbooks, mixing and matching




          I just became an Instructional Designer and to date we have 300+ textbooks that were all managed and still are via MS Word.  I am looking to break each manual down into its respective chapters and then objectives which are in each chapter.  All of these objectives are often repeated across many textbooks so I want to use file maker to manage these objectives, link multiple objectives into a chapter, and then multiple chapters into a textbook that can be made a lot faster and with less toggling than MS Word?


     Later on I will need to have an email be sent out if someone updates an objective, we have 8 instructors and I can give them access to update a current objective and then save it as another version.  I realize the linking into chapters might have to be redone at this point but that is still much easier than relying on MS Word file linking.


     Last I will need to ensure and have these manuals in 12 or so different languages but I think if I can accomplish the task in my first paragraph that would be the key to success.


     Thanks for any help.