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    Document Numbering



      Document Numbering


      I have created a document and won't to add number.

      When I print each document I won't to add a new number I would like the number to be recorded so that I can find the printed document at later date so I can make updates to it and any fields attached to it vier customer records.

      I am using FileMaker Pro 13.0v4

      Thank you



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          And what happens if you print the same document several times without any revisions? Should the number stay the same from the first print? And if you revise this document, does the number then change?

          Or do you just number the document once at the time it is first printed?

          Is this a hosted database where more than one user might be printing these documents at the same time? (Answer yes, even if this is extremely unlikely.)

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            Thanks for you're reply

            Once I have printed the document if I need to reprint it; it shod keep the same number but once I update the record then that number will be finalised and will only be used if I need to check the record before updating once updated when I need to print a new record for the same customer a new number will need to be created, the update is carried out by changing the last inspected date that I use to keep records up to date.

            I am the only user for this program.