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DocuSign Integration Into FileMaker

Question asked by kurisutofaa on Feb 2, 2015


DocuSign Integration Into FileMaker


It looks like it's been more than four years since someone asked about integrating DocuSign into FileMaker, so it seems about time to ask again.

The basic workflow I am trying to implement is to generate a PDF from FileMaker data, upload it to DocuSign for signing, and download the signed document back to FileMaker.

The DocuSign API requires custom headers, so I cannot use the built-in FileMaker 13 Insert From URL script step. Instead, I am using the BaseElements plug-in BE_HTTP_Set_Custom_Header and BE_GetURL functions. I currently have the DocuSign Login API call working.

Now I am trying to use the DocuSign API to upload a document and request a signature. This requires a multi-part/form-data POST request. Unfortunately, neither the BaseElements nor Troi URL plug-ins support multipart/form-data. In fact, I cannot find any plug-in that does. Is anyone aware of a plug-in that supports multipart/form-data POST?

According to a comment on the Goya support forum last week, the next version of the BaseElements plug-in should support passthrough to the curl command line utility. If true, then as an alternative it seems possible to write a curl command to build the proper request, but my HTTP and curl knowledge is limited. So far, I have been unable to get the DocuSign signature request example working in Terminal. Has anyone been able to upload a document and request a signature with a curl command?

Finally, I would be grateful for any other ideas or suggestions for attacking this problem. Thank you!