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    Does filemaker have multiple database sources option?



      Does filemaker have multiple database sources option?


      I wonder if filemake has an option to use multiple databases.

      For example, to have a remote databasea and local, and that they would update symultaniously incase remote one goes down, the local could be used.

      When i saylocal , does file make has an option to separate ui from databasefile, like ms access.

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          You seem to be asking about two different features:

          1) The ability to set up data mirroring so that a local file contains the same data as the remote file. This is not a built in feature, but such could be designed and scripted if it were needed. The problematic aspects would be if you had two or more remote users that have reverted to local copies during a failure and you now need to "merge" the data from the local files back into the remote copy. Possible, but potentially very complex and would need a major design effort to pull off flawlessly. This is not a problem if you have only one local copy where data was changed.

          2) Using a data separation model. This again is not a built in feature but is pretty easy to set up using standard FileMaker design tools. See this thread for how to do it: Convert to Seperation Model

          I think, though, that what you want is an interface file that can switch between the local and remote data files. As far as I know, this is not something you can do with FileMaker, but you can have two copies of the interface file--each linked to a different data file. (The switch can be done manually table by table, it can't be done via a script.)

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            I guess i should explain what i would like to do, to make it easier to answer my question properly.


            Right now i have develloped an ms.access application to manage students at school. Since technology is mooving, i need to update and impoove the application.


            The application is being used by single user at the moment where there is the user interface file and ms access database file.


            I am planning to switch to mysql, and host the database at one of the webhosts so that the database could be accessed by multy user from multy location.

            Also in case of internet connection failure, the ui will use local database file, which is why i need remote and local database.


            Remote database for me is good, when i implement new features i could test them with live data.


            One way of keeping both local and remote database up to date, is to have a time stamp in each field, and have a script that would look at those and update the field accordingly. Unless there is a better way of doing this.

            Or to have a local and remote musql server which would syncronise with one another.


            Ms access is getting old and very annoying to build application with, which is why i am planning to turn to filemaker pro and rebuild application from ground up.

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              FileMaker can serve as the front end to a MySQL database. FileMaker can be published to the web and thus be the source of both interface and data storage also and there's more than on way to set up web publishing.FileMaker can be hosted from a remote host and FileMaker clients can connect to it remotely. The individual clients can have the front end part of the database or the front end can also be hosted from the remote server. iPhones and iPads can be used as clients of both web published hosts and also by using FileMaker Go to be remote clients of the database.

              If you have just one user modifying data in the local file and only when the hosted file is unavailable, what you describe is simple. If you have two ore more users modifying data, it's not so simple for any database technology--even with modification timestamps to help identify which records have been changed.

              Consider this imaginary scenario:

              User A discovers an error in "John Smith's" contact record and changes his last name to Smythe to spell it correctly. User B (with their separate copy) is in communication with him and learns that he has a new address and enters that data into the same record.

              Now, when it comes time to "synchronize" the data, the system will need to be able to combine both changes to the same record or one of these two changes will be lost. This can be especially challenging to manage if two user make different changes to the same field of the same record...

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                How should i tackle the problem?

                Should i just create a webinterface from filemaker pro and upload it webhosting? and use webhosting's database?

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                  That's not a question I can answer for you. There are two many things that I don't know about your database, skills and development budget.It's something you'll need to research further on your own before you can make such a decision.

                  If you click the downloads button above, you can find a PDF document on web publishing FileMaker databases you can read to learn more. If you download the 30 day trial, you'll find you can open the same document from the Help menu.

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                    If the question is not about budget, but the method which will make it better for usability and devellopment.

                    Skillwise, i can technically tackle most problems, just the question about the time needed to do it. Which is not an issue.

                    Database contains information for about 2000 students, regarding their personal info, cources,....