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    Does filemaker Pro work in this scenario?



      Does filemaker Pro work in this scenario?


           Hello, can FileMaker pro be used in this scenario?:


           Mac mini With FileMaker Pro running behind a 10MB Down / 0,7MB up internett line With a router With vpn capabilities.
           Then 3-4 Clients running Windows Laptops With FileMaker pro Clients and want to work agains the macmini server.

           Does this work?

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               You say Mac Mini Server. Do you mean it's running OS X Server or it's running regular Mac OS with Filemaker Server? Or regular Mac OS with Filemaker Pro? The optimum solution in this case is to use the mini as a dedicated machine with FMS installed. VPN seems irrelevant to your issue, and besides, VPN is not dependant on the router.  Or are you concerned about the Mac/Windows compatibility?

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            FileMaker Network:  This type of file sharing in FileMaker Pro is also referred to as peer-to-peer file sharing.  Using this type of file sharing does not require the use of a server and is independent of any other types of file sharing that might be part of your operating system.  FileMaker networking also does not require that you have file-level access to the files.  Up to nine concurrent users (five if using FileMaker Pro 8.5 or earlier or FileMaker Pro 13.0 or later) are supported using FileMaker Networking.  This type of file sharing is also supported for those users using FileMaker Go.  FileMaker Go users accessing a file using this method are counted against the number of concurrent users mentioned above.

                 Remote clients accessing with Filemaker will require Port Forwarding be setup on the router connecting the hosting computer.


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              Hello again and thanks for Your replay, a little late response from me due to mail going to my spam folder :)

              If i have understood my Customer they are going to run FileMaker pro on the mac mini server.

              And we thought we had to run vpn to give the users outside the Company Access to the FileMaker pro on the mac mini.


              But if i read Your answeres correct, we can setup FileMaker pro on the mac mini, then open portforwarding on the router to the mac mini (i Guess they then need a fixed Public ip). Then from Filemaker pro on each Remote computer (mac og Windows) would be able to Connect to that fixed ip?

              What is the bandwith requirements here?


              Filemaker network is this a standalone FileMaker Product like FileMaker pro?