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Does FM have a ...does this field 'CONTAIN' function?

Question asked by NeilRogers on Jul 22, 2010
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Does FM have a ...does this field 'CONTAIN' function?


I am trying to write a calculation.

Starting with the following:

If (test ; result1; result2)

I have been sent data that contains a lot of picture numbers. So under the header field 'picture' is 1234.jpg, 4321.jpg etc. The fields have been set as TEXT in FM.

The pictures have been allocated an 'h' if they are portrait, so:

1234h.jpg is a portrait image.

If a picture number does not have an 'h' it is landscape, so:

4321.jpg is landscape

How do I search within the picture field to look for the letter 'h'?

So roughly I need:

If (...picture contains "h"... ; layout1; layout2)

The text in red is the function I am unsure about.

What would be the best way to deal with this?

Many thanks,