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    Does FM support fields within fields?



      Does FM support fields within fields?


           Is it possible to put references to fields within other fields? For example, let's say I have one database containing scientific concepts and another database containing articles about science. Can I put references to the data in scientific concepts within the article text itself? I'm envisioning the references appearing as links within the text that can be clicked. Is that possible?

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               It's possible within certain limitations and the method I worked out some time ago doesn't work in FM GO, only in FM Pro, but the OnObjectEnter script trigger can perform a script that scans from the point clicked, left and right to parse out a sub string of all text of a particular color and/or style (used to mark that text as a clickable link) and then that text can be used to determine what record to link to within the database or a URL to open if you want to link to a web site outside of FileMaker.