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    Does PDF in Container field work in Filemaker Pro 11?



      Does PDF in Container field work in Filemaker Pro 11?


      I'm trying to have a Container field hold a PDf file so when the user clicks (or double-clicks) on the field the PDF pops up.

      So I bought the book "Filemaker Pro 11 - The Missing Manual" and it states that you can put a PDF in a Container field.  So when a user clicks on the field it opens the PDF.

      However, when I try to do this, firstly, I don't have the options it states in the book and secondly when I did put a PDf file in the container field while I was in Layout mode, it doesn't work.  When I click on the Container field in Browse mode the whole screen blinks but the PDF file does not come up


      If I click on the Container field then use Insert / Object (not Graphic Object).  It gives me the choice of an Adobe PDF file.  I can even resize it and when I double-click it in Layout Mode this works.  However as soon as I switch to Browse mode I can not click (or double-click) on the Container field and have the PDF come up. If I use the Inspector the Browse box is greyed out.

      Is this because I have Filemaker Pro and what I really need is Filemaker Pro Advanced to get all the options?