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    Does this error message mean anything to anybody?



      Does this error message mean anything to anybody?


      I have a compiled runtime using FMP 11 v.2 Advanced for OSX.  It runs fine on my MacBook.  I have a beta tester who reports that sometimes the runtime starts up OK and sometimes it doesn't.  When it doesn't, it requires a force-quit.  When it fails, the last entry in the Console log says this:

      14/10/10 3:46:46 PM Runtime[70209] *** -[NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]: attempt to insert nil

      I am using the 360 Works Scriptmaster plugin with the app, but according to the Console log, all of the Scriptmaster functions are successfully registered prior to this error happening.  

      Can anybody explain what this means or how to deal with it?  I am getting inconsistent behavior on different machines for running the same app.  I looked this error up in Google and found many references to this message in different contexts, none of them relating to Filemaker Pro or FMP Runtime issues.  It seems to be some sort of Cocoa exception.  

      Why would a FMP OSX runtime app attempt to insert 'nil' into a NextStep Core Foundation array, causing a crash, but only on some machines, and not all the time???

      Inquiring minds want to know...

      Matt Bloomfield

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          Doesn't it crash? If it does, a crash log would be more revealing. (Usually when an app crashes, Mac OS X displays a dialog asking whether you want to send a crash log to Apple and allowing to view and copy the log.)

          It's indeed a Cocoa exception, at some point some code tried to insert an object into an array but the object happened to be invalid. The array is a generic wide-purpose array that can be used for anything. The only clue so far is that this is Objective-C; most of FileMaker is C/C++, except, perhaps, some of new interface additions. And Scriptmaster, as far as I understand, is mostly Java.

          Another way to deal with it would be to run the app under a debugger trying to find where it happens. 

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            Mikhail - thanks for the reply.

            I will ask the beta tester to send me a crash log. 

            What does the fact this is Objective-C tell me? 

            Scriptmaster is indeed all-Java.

            I'd love to run it under a debugger but the beta tester is in Australia and I'm in Los Angeles.  I don't have these problems on my machine.

            If it's of any help, I can give a running commentary of what activity is supposed to be going on behind the scenes from startup until the crash:

            1.  User launches FMP Runtime app

            2.  The default layout of the startup file is moved offscreen to the left

            3. The status area of the screen is hidden and locked

            4.  The zoom level is locked

            4.  A script is run that calls an Applescript (from within FMP) which returns the user's computer serial # and compares it to a stored number in a field in the current file.  (AKA - copy protection routine)

            5. The Scriptmaster plugin is initialized

            6. The qWindow plugin is initialized

            7. 14 very short scripts are run consecutively - used to set flag fields in an external FMP file

            8. Error capture is set on

            9.  An Open File <unknown> command is issued, but the app apparently crashes right before this step...the Open File dialog box never comes up and the program must be force-quit at this point.

            The console log verifies successful registration of all of the Scriptmaster functions, so I've at least gotten successfully past step 5...what do I do next to solve this problem?

            Matt Bloomfield

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              Don't you think the qWindow plug-in could be the problem? Look: a) they say the plug-in features "native Mac window handling", which most likely means they use Cocoa API and b) they also say that "version 1.1 is not compatible with FileMaker 11, we are working on an update." And you're using v11, so I'd say the plug-in is the first suspect.

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                Duplicate the database several times, remove last step in script in each copy until it works?

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                  Mikhail -

                  Yep - it was the qWindow plugin.  I had corresponded with the qWindow folks when I upgraded from FMP 10 to FMP 11 in mid-project to see when their FMP 11 upgrade going to come out, and I was told that that FMP had "changed the internals" so much between versions 10 and 11 that they didn't really know what to do (yet) to get their plugin fully compatible.  However, the main reason I was using the plugin for in the first place still worked in 11 - to keep the red OSX window exit buttons active in a compiled version.  One other function I was using - which was to lock a window's position so the user could not move the window around - was confirmed by them to no longer work in FMP 11, but that was far less important to me.  Since there were no symptoms on my machine, I thought nothing of leaving a call to this now non-working function in the code.  But as an experiment, I commented out this one line, sent it to my beta tester who was having frequent crashing during bootup and now he reports no more crashing whatsoever.  

                  Matt Bloomfield