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Does this make a difference?  Which way is better?

Question asked by c.wagner1 on Mar 22, 2011
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Does this make a difference?  Which way is better?


Hi Guys,

I have a script that needs to evaluate a statement containing about 20 conditionals.  Which of these 2 methods is better?  (I am going to shorten my example just a bit)

Assume for this example their are 4 global variables containing a number:

$$w, $$x, $$y, and $$z and we only want to preform doSomething if w=500, x=200, y=100 and z=50.

I could do a script like this:

Example 1

Set Variable[$flag; Value:True]

If [$$w <> 500 or $$x <> 200 or $$y <> 100 or $$z <> 50]

Set Variable[$flag; Value:False]

End If

If [$flag = True]


End If

or I could do something like this:

Example 2

If [$$w = 500]

If [$$x = 200]

If [$$y = 100]

If [$$z = 50]


End If

End If

End If

End If

Both examples should evaluate the same.  Imaging I had 20 - 25 values of compare which way would you use?  Will one of the two 

perform faster?