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    doing something wrong, but can't see it



      doing something wrong, but can't see it


      Can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?  I just can't see it.


      I can't get this concatenated text field, name_first_and_last, to show any data:


      name_first text
      name_last text indexed
      name_first_and_last text Auto-enter Calculation replaces existing value

      Here is the calculation:

      name_first & " " &  name_last

      Evaluate this calcuation from the context of INCOME
      Current Table ( "INCOME" )
      Do not evaluate if all reference fields are empty is checked


      name_first and name_last show up correctly in my layout, but name_first_and_last is empty -- though I can type text into it.


      How can I make it automatically populate with the concatenation of the first and last names?  THANKS!

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          Hi DonerTracker


          Try making the name_first_and_last field a standard calculation, instead of a text with Auto-enter Calculation. Unless you need to be abel to modify the value without affecting the individual names field.


          In Define Database select the field and change the 'Type:' to Calculation and click 'Change'


          The Calculation dialog will appear and it may already have your Auto-enter Calculation specified, but you could try this one, as it will no put in any spaces if either name is missing:


          Substitute ( List ( name_first ; name_last ) ; "" ; " " )


          Now once you go back into Browse Mode the name should be concatenated, but you will not be able to modify it.


          I hope this helps.

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            Orlando, thanks once again for your detailed, helpful suggestions.


            Experimenting, I find that if I create a new record, my concatenated field (as originally designed) populates correctly; it just doesn't work for existing records.


            Is there a standard way to deal with that sort of situation with a script/trigger?


            (I'm avoiding your suggested solution for now because I would like to be able to manually modify the name_first_and_last field for some records.)

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              You can run a replace on the field to set the value in all previous record with no value, which will initially set the value and then the Auto-enter Calculation will trigger on new records.


              First perform a find to isolate all the record with no value in the name_first_and_last field, so in Find Mode place a '=' in the field and 'Perform find'.


              To do this click into the field and go 'Records > Replace Field Contents...' now when the dialog appears you want to double check the field it will replace, and then select 'Specify...' next to 'Replace with calculated result:' and input the same calculation your are using for the Auto-enter, you will need to add the table name in with the field name:


              INCOME::name_first & " " &  INCOME::name_last 


              And then click 'OK' and then 'Replace'


              This will then update all the records that are empty. 



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                   Orlando, again many thanks!  That, too, works a treat!
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                     Glad I could help.