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    Don't want name and password on opening



      Don't want name and password on opening


      Everything was running fine with a database I created. I then went to the file options dialog box to set the opening window. I saw name and password checked. Since I did not want to enter a name and password I unchecked it. Mistake! Now the file requires a name and password. IF I go in and check the option in the dialog box filemaker still wants a name and password. How can I get rid of this?


      FM pro 10

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             If you have not changed the original account settings, the username should be set to Admin with the password blank.
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            David is dead right (or course), but the explanation of what happened, and why simply re-selecting the option didn't work, I'd guess is:


             - the 'File option...' was orginally ticked to 'Open with a password'.  But you may not have noticed that when you select this option, Filemaker asks you just below that to specify which user name and password to use.

            - when you de-selected the option, it would have de-selected the previously specified User Name and password.

            - as you had now de-selected the option for auto-login, next time you opened the file it asked you for a password etc.

            - when you went back to reselect the option, you did not complete the details of the default username and password to use, so next time you opened the file, FM had to ask you for them anyway.

            - if 'auto-login' was what you were achieving previously (as opposed to a file with no user names or passwords at all) then  you can re-set that facility there.


            ...though I could be wrong, obviously.



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                 Thanks people. A bid confusing but your suggestions worked.