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    Dont save certain blocks..



      Dont save certain blocks..


      I have created a script that will change the layout and auto input a repair cost from our estimate sheet for that particular item.  This script runs when the record is loading.  However, because the repair cost is input into its spot, when i go to change to another record it asks to save the current one.  I dont want to have to save EVERY record just because the repair cost has a value in it...is there a way to exclude just this block from having to be saved everytime?  I hope i made sense...thanks for anyones help!

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          FileMaker Auto-saves everything. When you disable auto-save in layout setup, it still auto-saves, but now it asks permission before doing so.

          I tend to avoid this option due to the interface complications it causes. Can you describe your layout in more detail? That may enable us to suggest an alternative.

          One method is to use global fields to record user input and then a "save" script creates a new record and copies the data from the global fields to the matching fields in the new record.