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    double click on list view



      double click on list view


      I use list view to display filtered records.  All of the columns (or fields) are read only.  I would like to go to form view when user double click one record in any area of the the line.

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          The simplest way is to use a rectangular graphic with no line or fill that fills the entire row.  Define it as a button to take the user to the form view. However FileMaker only has single click buttons.

          To get a double click is a bit more involved

          I can't remember where I found these techniques originally (possibly via ISO FileMaker AMgazine) but to get a double click this script works for me  ie if two clicks happen within a second of each other the script takes you to the form view.

          #--------------------------------- check double click
          Set Variable [ $now; Value:Get ( CurrentTime ) ]
          If [ $now - $$FirstClick > 1
          Set Variable [ $$FirstClick; Value:Get ( CurrentTime ) ]
          Halt Script
          End If
          Set Variable [ $$FirstClick; Value:null ]
          #--------------------------------- go to form view
          Perform Script [ “Go to Main” ]

          To highlight the row in list view this conditional formatting technique is good


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            You can also simply select all the fields in your row and then use Button setup... to attach a script such as Belton describes to it. That avoids creating an invisible button to lay on top of the row.