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    double clik a container



      double clik a container


      hi, i have a container, can I double click to perform a script !

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          You can make it a button and the script will run with a single click.

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            I'd go with the single click button approach, but if you really want the double click, it is possible:

            Set Variable [ $Click; Value:Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ]
            If [ not IsEmpty ( $$PrevClick ) and ( $Click - $$PrevClick ) < 1 // Double click ] 
                   //Do what you want to see happen with your double click 
                  //Do what you want to see happen with a single click 
            End If
            Set Variable [ $$Prevclick; Value:$Click ]

            You'd enter layout mode, select the field, then use Button Setup... to attach this script to your container field.

            Note: Double Clicking a container field not set up as a button will automatically open any store by reference file or any file stored as an object.