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Double sort script?

Question asked by ToddCarlson on Aug 3, 2013
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Double sort script?


     Not sure if that's the best way to explain it.  I have a Job Status Report that I want to send to each customer with all their orders and the status of those orders.  I go to that layout and I have all of my customers' orders.  So I Find ABC Company to bring up all their records (jobs).  But, I set a script trigger upon layout enter that sorts out all jobs that have been completed 16+ days before today's date.  I don't want old information that I have already sent them to be on new reports.

     When I go to find the customer's records, it pulls up all of the completed records as well that were sorted out upon entry.  I need those two sorts combined or a sctipt for the outdated records from the Found Set which I can't find anywhere.  I also have a button for the sorting out of completed records 16+ days in case I have to "Show All" while in the layout (same script as entry).  It's like the two cancel eachother out.  To be clear, if I find ABC Company's records and then hit the button, it does take out all of the completed 16+ but now all customers' records are exposed again.  Hope I explained that properly.  Thanks!