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    Double-clicking to open file paths from FM 13



      Double-clicking to open file paths from FM 13


           I'm sure this is just me doing something really stupid, but has anyone else discovered that if they place a container field in a portal and then insert a file into that field, when double-clicked it opens a new page in whatever format the file is saved e.g. adobe pdf, windows picture etc.  However if you create the same container field on a normal layout, insert a file into that field, when double-clicked nothing happens! Can anyone tell me why this is?  Or are all container fields supposed be only used in portals?

           Any help gratefully appreciated.



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               Welcome to the complexities of container fields in the most recent versions of FileMaker!

               When you insert a file into a container field using Insert File and also click the "Store a reference" check box, when the container field is not "optimized for interactive content", when the field does not have external storage specified....

               Double clicking the container field will cause FileMaker to find and open that file using the default application specified by your OS for that file type--just as though you went to that file and double clicked it directly.

               But note that if you change any of the listed parameters--a different insert method, a change in field format, external storage.... then double clicking the field will not open the file.

               So I don't think the difference you are seeing is because the field is or isn't in a portal. It is more likely that one of the other parameters listed here is different. For example, you can't optimize a field for interactive content and used it like that if the field is located inside a portal so that data format may be different for the field that is outside the portal.

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                 Thank you PhilModJunk - I have just lost my original reply and do not have the heart to write it all out again. 

                 I have done everything you have said above but still the container field file will not open with double clicking.  The strange thing is that it works in the portal but not on a normal layout.  Also you say that I need to make sure the container field is not optimized for interactive content, there are only two options, the other is to optimize for images and I have to select one or the other.  I've tried both options and neither work. Any further advice gratefuly received.

                 Thank you.

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                   Due to a noxious forum bug, please protect yourself with a "Select-All, copy to your clipboard" action just before submitting a private message or comment to this forum. The bug can lose your comment and log you out of the forum--forcing you to sign back in and re-enter the comment or message. By copying to the clipboard before posting, you can re-enter your message by pasting from the clipboard instead of having to retype it all over again.

                   Anything that I would post at this point would be to repeat the details I posted previously. Some part of either your layout design or the insertion method used is keeping this from working for you.

                   Hmm, just thought of one other detail, formatting the field as a button or setting up a script trigger on the container field would also interfere with what happens when you double click the field.


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                     Thank you, I was really cross with myself for not copying the message before sending it, thank you for the tip.

                     It's such a strange thing and it shouldn't be this hard, I know its something I'm doing but I cannot figure it out.

                     Thanks again for your help.  Can I ask another question if you have a spare moment?...

                     I have a field which is for a type of donation someone has given and I have used a check box set to select the different options.  There are four options and I have used Values from and then set my own custom values e.g.

                     Category 1

                     Category 2

                     Category 3

                     Category 4

                     I'm new to conditional formatting and I have worked out the basics but I would really like for when a category is checked it changes the colour of the text.  Is this possible?  I hope that I have explained this okay, let me know if you need more information.

                     Thanks for your help

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                       Conditional formatting can't change the color of just some of the text from a value list. It's all or nothing. You'd need to use 4 separate fields formatted with single value value lists. The 4 separate layout fields can be copies that refer to the same data field in your table, however so this isn't as bad as it first sounds. Then you can use conditional formatting to change the text color if the value form the value list is one of the values entered into the field.

                       Not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Self ; "Category 1" ) )

                       is what you would use for your first copy of this field.