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    Doubt on Relationships



      Doubt on Relationships




      I am very new to the FileMaker. I am trying to build small bank app to learn FileMaker.
      i have Payee table with Account Number_fk, Payee Account Number, Payee Name, PayeeList(value list) fields. i have another Account table with Account Number, Account type, .... fields. both tables have relationship with Account Number and Payee Account Number.

      in one script i am verifying payee account Number is available in Account Number. if it available i am trying to add that number to payeeList in the below way.

      if[count(Account_Payee_AN_PAN::Account Number)>0]
      Go to Layout[fund transfer]

      in this way i am getting same PayeeList for all the Account's
      how can i write script to get different PayeeList of each Account Number.

      please guide me.


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          This should be the relationship that you have:

          Account::Account Number = Payee::Account Number_fk

          Your script only changes layouts, it does not modify values in any field so I don't see how that does anything with the PayeeList field.

          Am I correct that you want to put a list of Account numbers in PayeeList for a single record in Payee to list all the accounts that should link to that Payee record?

          If so, a join table is a better option for you:

          Payee::PayeeID = Payee_Account::PayeeID_fk
          Account::AccountNumber = Payee_Account::AccountNumber_fk

          But I am not sure that I understand what you want to do--so this may or may not be the best option for you.