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    Down-down list text alignment



      Down-down list text alignment


      Have drop-down lists always aligned text to the bottom?  I cannot seem to change the text alignment for my drop-down fields even when I select multiple options.  Happens in multiple browsers.  Only way to change the alignment is to change it to an edit box.  Anyway around this or do I have a setting wrong?


      Thanks for the help!

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          Not sure that I understand what exactly your issue is. And selecting multiple values from the same drop down list, while possible, is not a method for selecting values that I consider a good practice. Only a single value is usually visible in the field once you exit and this can mislead users as to what values were actually selected.

          A check box format is a better option and it's possible to set up a system of "check boxes" where a scroll bar is used to handle cases where the number of values to choose from varies too much to use a static sized field to list the values.

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            Hello Phil,

            Thanks for the great support you always provide.

            Let me explain my issue more thoroughly:


            I have a drop-down list field where a user will select 1 answer.  In Filemaker,  after the user selection is made, it will align at the top, as I have selected in the appearance tab.  However, when I use the solution in Internet Explorer, the values get aligned in the middle (height-wise).

            I have even removed the padding but the field continues to center the text height-wise.


            Thanks for the help!!!!




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              If you are viewing this in Internet Explorer, you are publishing to the web, probably Web Direct, but could be Instant Web Publishing with an older version of FileMaker or even a custom web publishing method.

              Which method are you using?

              What problem does vertically centering the text solve for you?

              In Web Direct there are a number of display formatting limitations not encountered when just using FileMaker. This is probably one of those and you'll need to either live with it for the moment or use a different design such as I suggested previously.

              "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection", is a demo file that explores many options for selecting values for a list that start with simple value lists and move on to methods that do not use a value list at all but offer a more user friendly experience for the user--including setting up what looks like a check box field with a scroll bar for scrolling through more values than will fit in the layout space provided.