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Downgrade from FMP12 to FMP11?

Question asked by on Apr 27, 2012
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Downgrade from FMP12 to FMP11?


I migrated my FMP11 application to FMP12.  After the migration, I have made significant changes to the scipts, tables and layouts.  I now want to go back to FMP11 because of the significant loss in functionality in FMP12:

  • The migrated file size is double the same FMP11 file
  • No more emboss, engrave, drop shadow
  • Even without "refresh window", the screens all now flash
  • Overall performance is significantly slower than FMP11
  • Things that worked in FMGo 11 now no longer work in FMGo 12 (although I do like the free iOS clients)
  • Things that worked in IWP 11 now no longer work in IWP 12

Is there any to get back without retracing all of the changes I have made since the "upgrade"?