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Downgrade To Bento?

Question asked by enyko on Aug 5, 2009
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Downgrade To Bento?


Hey crew,


I'm often overwhelmed with the capabilities of FMP. Don't get me wrong, I love it but I sometimes thing it's too much for what we need. So we are considering Bento 2 for Mac. The other HUGE benefit would be having Bento on our iPhones!


Here is the primary use of our FMP database and please chime in and let me know if you think we can switch to Bento;


We are a DJ company and FMP 10 Advanced is what we use as our client database. We store all of our client info (address, event information, pricing, payments...etc.) Important functionality would be sending emails to clients by the mail scripts (can Bento do this?). Basically, we have many buttons with email templates like "Deposit Received" and it will fill in all the variable info for each client...etc. Although we have yet to use them, we also like the relational databases functionality. I think those are the main things.


The fact that Bento integrates with iCal (for scheduling meetings) and address book is HUGE. But we want to make sure it will do the other jazz FMP does.


What are your thoughts?