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    Downgrading back to FM11



      Downgrading back to FM11


      Having read all the posts about the slow response of FM12, and my own experience now with FM12 and the hours spent trying to figure this out, the urgency of the situation for me is going to possibly require returning to FM11. It appears that the conversion to FM12 left the original FM11 databases in my folder (though I have noticed with interest that the databases I converted from FM11 to FM12 increased from 22% to 100% larger in file-size than they were with FM11). Can I simply run the latest archived FM11 upgrade that I've kept and open up those non-converted databases and be done with it, or is this going to be a nightmare to downgrade?

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          You should be able to use FileMaker 11 to open and use your most recent copies of the .fp7 files. But if you have created/modified/deleted data and/or records in the converted copy, those changes, of course, will not be present in the original .fp7 copy. If you have modified data and want to keep those changes, you can save a clone (empty copy) of your .fp7 file and then use export records to export all the data in your .fmp12 file as tab, csv or merge files. THis data can then be imported into your .fp7 clone to move the data back into the file format compatible for use with FileMaker 11. If you need to move the data like this, make sure to correctly update any auto-entered serial number fields to avoid getting new records in the tables that are not unique due to duplicating an existing record's serial number.

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            Unbelievable! I just opened up my folders under Program Files, and there was every version of Filemaker I've ever used. I simply clicked on FM11, opened my databases as they were (the FM11 versions prior to converting to FM12), and I am back in business!!! I am still able to open FM12 of course, and have tracked any new data I entered into the FM12 converted databases, and am now in the process of updating my old FM11 databases!!!

            Hopefully they will get FM12 where it needs to be, but until then, I still have the FM12 which I can upgrade when they do, and re-convert my data again, fully updated.

            Thanks for your help!