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    Downgrading DB from FM12 to FM11



      Downgrading DB from FM12 to FM11


           I have a database I created using one of the starter DBs in Filemaker 12.  It's been great.  I'm now needing to get it uploaded to our server, only to find out that the server we have is FM11, not 12.  Is there an easy way to convert this down, or am I going to have to rebuild it in the older version (or figure out how to get a server to FM12 that won't screw everyone else up...)?


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               There is no easy way to convert a FileMaker 12 format file into FileMaker 11 format.

               You can export the data to text files to import into a FileMaker 11 file.

               You can copy and paste some items from FileMaker 12 to FileMaker 11--even script steps (I'm using FileMaker Advanced), but you are still looking at a lot of work to make that happen. (And running two versions of server on the same machine is not a good idea...)