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    Download FM 12.0



      Download FM 12.0


           I have a new computer and need to find FM 12 to reinstall. I can't seem to find a full version, only the updater. Can someone direct me to where I can download my product? I do have the install keys.

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               Well, you should save your downloaded installer, burn it on a CD, upload to drop box or put it on a Flash drive so that you can re-install when the need arises.

               Without that, you'll have to contact customer service, provide proof of purchase and ask them to send you a new download link for the installer.

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                 I actually did save the downloaded file but when I tried to install it I got a message that says it's is an unidentified developer.. I am sending a screen shot.



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                   Hold down the control key when you launch the FMP installation package for the first time…or temporarily change your System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General to allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere".

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                     Many thanks, it worked!