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    Downloading Update to FileMaker Pro 9



      Downloading Update to FileMaker Pro 9


      Request assistance in downloading updates to FileMaker Pro 9.  Five times yesterday, I attempted unsuccessfully to update the program from version 9.1 to version 9.3.  Each time, I received an error message on the FileMaker PRO 9.03 Updater, "some files are corrupt, please download a fresh copy and retry the installation."  I did that and each time, in addition to the above error message, I received the following error message.  "CRC failed in FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 Updater\Files\Data1.cab. Unexpected end of archive."  I'm using a Windows version of FileMaker Pro 9.


      Please help.



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          Thank you for your post.


          Sorry for the inconvenience.  We had AT&T working on this problem for most of yesterday and this morning, and it was finally fixed about an hour ago.  I just confirmed that it now works properly.


          If you run into any further difficulty, please let me know.



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