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Question asked by grouper on Dec 16, 2014
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Drag & Drop into portal associated with script triggers



I have a portal in which clicking on objects (thumbnail images) calls in a script via onobjectenter trigger. This script calls 2 setfield steps that are required for viewing the thumbnails in a larger view in the layout via a table occurrence and also activate conditional formatting parameters.

Although clicking on the thumbnails does the job well, i 'd like to have the same effect when dragging and dropping images into the portal (i.e. drag and drop identifies the portal number and calls in the script). This is important when working with many thumbnails, because i have to keep moving the scroll bar down for each drag&drop once I 've reached the bottom of the portal in order to insert new images. 

I have created a calculated field that returns the number of the portal row when it is clicked, but it does not change with drag&drop.

Is there any way around this?