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      Drag & Drop to Container Field in FM14 Advanced


      For years I have been doing drag & drop to a container field with jpg images.  I have just started a new FM14 database and it doesn't want to know.  I have fiddled about with any setting I can find, but to no avail.  Has anyone else had this problem, and how did they solve it?



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          and it doesn't want to know

          Means what exactly?

          Can you describe:

          1. Exactly what you are doing and what results you get when it fails
          3. Your OS version
          5. What storage and data formatting options you are using for the container
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            1. I use Skitch to cut an image from the web, and then pull that image across to the container field.  I have just tested that process on  a database created pre FM14, and it works perfectly (using FM14).  The image appears in the container field.  It is only in an FM14 database that I am getting absolutely nothing.  It is not recognising that anything is being put into it.  The pre-14 database container field  gives an indication when the image is in place to be dropped.

            2. My OS is Yosemite.

            3. Storage options are default - as I have always used.  I have looked carefully and all the 14 settings appear to be exactly the same as pre-14 Databases.

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              Just to be clear,  Newly created FM 14 file with a container field works correctly, but when the same exact image file is drag and dropped onto a container field in a file created with an earlier version does result in anything showing in the container field that's the target of your drag and drop?

              And with what version was this file created?

              I don't own a mac so I can't exactly reproduce the same circumstances here for testing purposes, but I opened a copy of the Known Bugs List database--a solution originally created in FMP 10 or 11, I made a normally hidden container field accessible on a layout and tried using drag and drop to insert a jpeg into this container field. I was able to do so without any trouble once I remembered to enable Browse Mode access to the field.

              This may simply indicate that your issue is specific to Mac, to the file format created by your Skitch utility or it may indicate that there is an undiscovered issue with your file. You might try recovering this file and testing a recovered copy to help rule out such issues. You might also test your file by creating a brand new layout and then use the field or field picker tool to add your container field to this new layout. This last test is testing to see if your layout is corrupted, an issue not always detected by Recover.

              And please keep in mind that if a copy of the file works correctly in an older version, this does not necessarily mean that your file is undamaged. It is not unheard of for a damaged file to work with no observed issues until either the application or the OS is upgraded to a new version.

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                Sorry PhilModJunk but you have the problem in reverse.  Old databases running under FM14 are fine - they still work the way they always have (well not quite, I'll mention it below).  It's brand new databases that do not allow the drag & drop process.

                The oddity I mentioned occurred with FM13.  Prior to that I could drag & drop at will.  FM13 would not accept a drag from Safari, but would from Firefox.  Fortunately, Evernote came up with Skitch which make life very easy.  Until FM14...

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                  Okay, panic over.  Found the problem.  Went into Inspector and found the Entry in Browse mode was switched off.  Too easy.  I have no idea why that happened.  We learn from our mistakes.

                  Thanks for your input anyway.