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    Drag and Drop and capture



      Drag and Drop and capture


      I am looking for a way to drag and drop a image/file into a container field and at the same time capture the file path to the image/file.


      I have the container field and the drag and drop is working but I can not figure out how to capture and store the file path at the same time.


      As an alternative I could run a script after the fact if I could find a way to get the path of the image in the container field.


      Any suggestions?


      FMP 12 on a iMac

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          As far as I know, this can't be done from drag and drop which copies the file and stores the copy in the container field.

          It's possible for a script to use export field contents to export a file from the field after the drag and drop to a specified folder/file name and then the script can re-insert the file from this specified location with "store a reference" specified in order to put a file path into the container field.

          It's also possible to open up an Open File dialog and use it to select the file and have it be stored as a reference.