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Drag and drop files into a container field

Question asked by bdj on Dec 3, 2013
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Drag and drop files into a container field


     I've developed a database for keeping track of companies, contacts, quotes and orders. Each of these records has an own folder on our server, in which we keep a copy of all correspondence, being incoming and outgoing emails (via Outlook for mac 2011), pdf's, tif's, .docx, etc.

     On each record detail view there is a drop down area, where a file can be dropped.  After dropping a file, it is first stored externally in the documents library (container) with an external reference to it.  But also the file is copied and stored in the relevant folder described above, eventually with a new file name using a "export file contents" command.

     So far everything is OK.  If I take a .pdf from the desktop, and drag it on the drop zone, everything happens as described above. BUT, if I take an attached .pdf (out of an outlook 2011 for Mac mail) and drag it to the drop zone, is does not work.  The drag movement does not seem to be accepted.

     Is this a known issue, or do I overlook something?

     Our system:

     FM Server 12.0v3 on Mountain Lion Server (latest update)

     FM Pro Advanced 12.0v3 + Office for Mac 2011 on Mountain Lion (latest update)


     Does anyone observe the same behaviour?  Is there a possible work around?