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Drag and drop in FMPro 12.0v5

Question asked by GaryVogt on Mar 30, 2014


Drag and drop in FMPro 12.0v5


     Is there a way to stop the screen from scrolling when I attempt to drag from one field to another?

     For example: When I select text/data/etc from one field and I want to move it one field down, quite often the screen automatically scrolls (kind of a snap) to a new location.  More than likely, my eye-hand coordination has already prepared to drop the text/data/etc into the desired field only to have it in a different location.

     It seems to me that the previous version of FMPro required movement to the edge of the screen before scrolling occurred.

     What is the secret to stop the screen from trying to decide where I want to go instead of letting me decide?