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Drag and Drop Names into Fields

Question asked by craig5005 on Jun 30, 2009
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Drag and Drop Names into Fields


I am not sure if this is possible or not, hence the reason I am asking here.

I want to create a layout that the user can assign people into tents.  example... Joe in Tent 1, Jill in Tent 2 etc.


Right now I have a members table and a tent table.  The member tables have the usual fields, and the tent table has "Tent 1A", "Tent 1B" etc etc representing the possible positions within a tent.  Ultimately, I would like the layout to display a list of found members (find based on Status) and the user to drag and drop their names into the tent position fields, so they can see who is in what tent.  Once they drag and drop someone, their name disappears so they can't be placed in two tents.

If anyone has created something like this, or similar to this, I would be happy to hear your solution.