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Drag and Drop Rows Between Portals

Question asked by BenDouglas on Mar 27, 2014
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Drag and Drop Rows Between Portals


     Ok, I've done a bit of research and still can't find exactly what my client wants so I'm turning to the forums.

     We have a layout where we want to drag portal rows (representing applicants to jobs) from one to another. See attached image for approximately what it looks like.

     I've implemented the method based on the Excelisys technique ( ), which is quite a genius way to do it, but it isn't quite fully satisfying mainly because of the problem of not being able to drag into an empty list, or - more to the heart of the issue - part of a portal which does not have portal rows.

A quick explanation of the method: While dragging and dropping, if the mouse enters a specific container field - associated with a "bucket" - it will update a global variable such that when the mouse is released the subsequent script trigger updates using that variable to set the portal row in the right bucket.

     And a quick explanation of my image: the "Drop" boxes in the top right are what are currently used for dropping people into lists.

     Two questions here:

     1. Can anyone think of a way to modify the method so that it can work with empty portal row spaces?

     2. Is there a third party Filemaker plugin that solves this problem cleanly without having to write hacks?