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Drag and drop staff management solution

Question asked by petercollings on Mar 28, 2015
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Drag and drop staff management solution


Hi, I have created a basic file for my work, which is a survey company. The main system currently in place is paper based. It is a "day sheet" to organise who is attending which job, on what day of the week, using what equipment in what car. I would like to digitise this, with portals on the right showing pending jobs and resources (kits, cars and staff). Two staff work as a team in one car with up to two kits. It would be great if a job could be dragged to a line on Monday, then staff members dragged into the staff column for that same line and then kit and the same for car. There would also be automatic conflict avoidance with already allocated resources being unavailable etc. I have found very little in my search for tutorials on this kind of complex layout. My question is, does anyone think this is feesible to attempt to do in filemaker, or would it be better left to a bespoke program? Many thanks for any input Pete