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    Drag and drop.



      Drag and drop.


           Here's the deal.  I have been trying to migrate to 12.0 and every time I try to do something I could easily do before, it doesn't work.  

           Drag and drop.  In layout, rather than cut and paste, I used to be able to drag and drop the text.   Now I can't.

           I even went to Preferences > General > and sure enough, the Drag and Drop is TURNED ON.  Still can't get it to work on the layouts though.

           Is there some other hidden switch I have to turn on to gain back something that should be a DEFAULT feature?

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               Windows? Dragging from?
               Just did it in WinXP from Firefox to FMP DB in layout mode in an basically blank layout.

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                 What are windows?  What is a WinXP?  What is Firefox?

                 I am in layout mode in Filemaker Pro 12.0v2, 27 inch iMac, OSX 10.6.8, 

                 All I want to do is to be able to select some text and drag it to a new location on that layout.  Nothing fancy.  

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                   I am 24" iMac and MacBookPro OSX 10.6.8 and i can "Drag and Drop" from outside FMP to FMP, but not within FMP layout.  I have never tested Modifer keys to see if Drag and Drop do what we Mac User normally enjoy.

                   Windows is a Unix operating system which Apple bought the rights to use in early 80's

                   WinXP is a casinos cardpoint night... i think it is on Wednesday.

                   Firefox is a great Clint Eastwood movie.


                   PS:  Just kidding around.

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                     There's a preferences setting that enables drag and drop. Make sure that is selected.

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                       If you read my original post, the issue wasn't in Browse Mode.  

                       The issue is Drag and Drop in Layout Mode.  Version 11 allowed me to move text around within text without copy paste.  This Version 12 doesn't do that.  Trust me, I know what I'm doing.  

                       Please just give me back the utility of previous versions.  I don't need all the fluff to make a page.  Microsoft did that to Word.  Word used to be a clean and simple program.  Now there is so much fluff it's impossible to do something simple without a lot of processor time.  

                       DRAG and DROP within the LAYOUT MODE does not work.  The PREFERENCES only work in BROWSE.

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                         I just tested Mac OS 10.7.4 and both FMP 11v4  and FMP 12v1 with a pure text box in layout mode.  Neither version does what you said.  No drag or drop within text box.  I tried all modifier key.  No Luck.

                         To be honest I never tried what Mac User understand is Drag and Drop within a text box, in a FMP text box.

                         i will try on an older Mac OS tomorrow and FMP 11.


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                           I couldn't get the text box to edit drag and drop with MacOS 10.6.8 and FMP11v4.  Help for FMP11 doesn't give any indication that drag and drop {mac style} works.

                           I was in Layout mode and editing a text box created by the Text tool.


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                                  If you read my original post, the issue wasn't in Browse Mode.

                             I did read your original post and you didn't say you were in layout mode:


                                  In layout, rather than cut and paste, I used to be able to drag and drop the text.

                             You appear to have left out a word there and thus I read this that you were editing data on a layout while in browse mode. wink

                             With regards to Jim's posts:  Ditto for this when in Windows. The closest that I can come to "drag and drop" while in layout mode is to hold down the control key (use option on Macs) and drag a layout object to make a duplicate copy of the object. This works in both 11 and 12, but works nicer in 11 than it does 12 as you can no longer "constrain" the drag to a strictly horizontal or vertical motion by also holding down the shift key when doing this kind of "duplicate" drag.