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    Drag from one portal to another



      Drag from one portal to another



           Can anyone advise if they know if its possible to do the following.

           I have a layout for building a quotation. there is one portal on the left that shows products from a related table, there is a second portal on the right that shows Line items for that particular quote.

           What i would like to do is click on a portal line in products and drag it over the Line items portal, when dropped a simple popup would ask me the qty that i required.


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               Would simply clicking a row in the products table to add it to line items be acceptable?

               Drag and drop will copy the contents of a specific field to the field into which you "drop" the dragged contents. That could be made to work and without any scripting, but only if you drag from a Product ID field in one portal to a product ID field in the other. On the other hand, you can set up all the fields in the portal row as a button such that just clicking the portal row performs a script that uses set variable/set field to copy over the same product ID.

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                 I currently have it set up as a button with script, which to be honest works fine for me. however i am trying to match how an older piece of software works as i think it will be more familiar with the staff that will end up using the solution.

                 I think it may be easier to stay with this option.

                 Thanks for the reply