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Dragging e-mail into database possible?

Question asked by ErikSmit on Oct 22, 2014
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Dragging e-mail into database possible?




Hello everyone,

I have been using Bento versions up to 4 for some years and have set up a database by myself which was very useful to me. 

But since Bento isn't no longer supported I ran into some peculiar things after migrating to OSX Yosemite, so I want to upgrade to Filemaker. At first I want to know if -and even better: how?- it is possible to drag emails from the mailprogram and put them into the database just like was possible in Bento. I have been looking all over but can't find the answer.....

Secondly, is it possible to put multiple items (mainly scanned pdf-documents) into 1 container field? So far, the container field I created only saved the last one which I dragged into the field.

These are probably very funny questions to you, but I am really a very very newby on Filemaker and databases in general.... ;-)

Thans for your replies everyone,