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    Dragging e-mail into database possible?



      Dragging e-mail into database possible?




      Hello everyone,

      I have been using Bento versions up to 4 for some years and have set up a database by myself which was very useful to me. 

      But since Bento isn't no longer supported I ran into some peculiar things after migrating to OSX Yosemite, so I want to upgrade to Filemaker. At first I want to know if -and even better: how?- it is possible to drag emails from the mailprogram and put them into the database just like was possible in Bento. I have been looking all over but can't find the answer.....

      Secondly, is it possible to put multiple items (mainly scanned pdf-documents) into 1 container field? So far, the container field I created only saved the last one which I dragged into the field.

      These are probably very funny questions to you, but I am really a very very newby on Filemaker and databases in general.... ;-)

      Thans for your replies everyone,


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          You can drag and drop the email file into a container field. This does not produce something that you can read without opening the file, however. you could select and copy the text contents of the email into a text field. There may be an email plug in that offers other options for supporting this.

          Container fields are limited to one file per container field. But you can link an unlimited number of container fields to a single record if you set up a related table of records with one container field to a record.