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Dragon dictate

Question asked by RaySeligman on Apr 26, 2011
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Dragon dictate


Any help would be MUCHO appreciated. 

We run FMP 11 and FMP Server 11 at our small law office. Approx. 10 guests are logged in. Our main database has perhaps 150 different fields and 80 layouts, but by far the largest field is "notes" where we keep a day to day running commentary on the status of the case. It can run 1 1/2 pages single spaced of data. When I use Dragon Dictate to dictate into any field it works great. When I dictate into this "notes" field it runs horrendously slow. I have indexing turned off for this field as we don't do any lookups in this field. Since it is set to cache the data during "free moments" or whatever it is called, and it is not doing it while I am dictating, is there anything else I can turn off or turn on so that it will run faster in this field. It is 1 second versus 10 seconds so, doing it all day is a significant difference. Any help would be appreciated and could you also copy it to    

Thanks much