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    Dragon dictate



      Dragon dictate


      Any help would be MUCHO appreciated. 

      We run FMP 11 and FMP Server 11 at our small law office. Approx. 10 guests are logged in. Our main database has perhaps 150 different fields and 80 layouts, but by far the largest field is "notes" where we keep a day to day running commentary on the status of the case. It can run 1 1/2 pages single spaced of data. When I use Dragon Dictate to dictate into any field it works great. When I dictate into this "notes" field it runs horrendously slow. I have indexing turned off for this field as we don't do any lookups in this field. Since it is set to cache the data during "free moments" or whatever it is called, and it is not doing it while I am dictating, is there anything else I can turn off or turn on so that it will run faster in this field. It is 1 second versus 10 seconds so, doing it all day is a significant difference. Any help would be appreciated and could you also copy it to   rjs@thesilvermanfirm.com    

      Thanks much

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          You didn't say how you had the notes set up. So I am guessing that you have one notes field for the entire case and you just add to it each day. If this is the case then you might try setting up a Notes table related to the master case record, and allow creation of multiple Notes records. This should result in smaller data in each record, with the side benefit of making it easier to track when the note was created and by whom. 

          If this is not the case then give a little more info on your schema and I'll try again. 

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            Thanks for the suggestion. I guess what I don't understand is why it takes longer to print it on the screen in a very long field. It is not redoing the type above it, it is simply adding "letters". I could understand taking loonger to put it on the server, especially if it was indexing it which it is not. But why does it care how much is above it?

            Maybe the question is nuts. 


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              The question isn't nuts, but it's a hard one to answer from what little is available to us here. I assume you can type text rapidly into the field....

              Any script triggers or validation rules set up for this field? One of the unknowns here is exactly how Dragon Writer is interacting with FileMaker to input the data. We can assume that some kind of keyboard emulation is set up by DW so that FMP just thinks it's processing keystrokes from the keyboard, but we don't have any way to know that for sure...

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                My guess was it may be a memory/processor thing. When you enter that field FM pulls the data into memory and DD is trying to work its magic on the new data while FM is trying to add it to the field. That is why I suggested more records with a smaller amount of data in each field on separate records to see if that lowered the overhead of the process. I would set it up that way anyway so I could track the who created the note and when. You might try it on a machine with more RAM and with no other programs open and allotting more memory to FM, etc.

                There is a mail list for Dragon Dictate where you might get more information, one of the guys on the list used to work for the old company and still follows the list:


                If you don't want to join I'll post your problem for you. 

                I one place where we use DD and FM they record into a hand held recorder and then they use the Scribe version and let staff do the transcription and insertion later. I thought it was a bit of a kludge, but doctors are used to doing it that way already. An additional info on your setup might be helpful.

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                  Good point. Maybe pulling up the task monitor (if this is on windows) and watching the graph while you dictate might reveal a major CPU and/or memory usage spike when you dictate into the large text field.