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Draw directly onto a field on your DB

Question asked by nolak37 on Jan 27, 2010
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Draw directly onto a field on your DB


Hi everyone,


I was looking for a way to add a field into my database where the user can use some basic drawing tools (pencil, eraser, etc.) and create a drawing directly onto Filemaker DB.


I came accross another forum where the user suggested using a container and importing an IMG as bitmap then simply right click on the container and choose "EDIT BITMAP" this opens the IMG on MS Paint allowing you to edit the img and upon exiting MS Paint the IMG is left edited on the container. This works great.


2 things though


Does anyone know how to do this using a mac, the option only exists for Windows.


Also for the windows users this is fine except i dont want them to right click in the field, I prefer having a button for this task, could anyone tell me how to create a script for this? I cant seem to find this.